People today frequently use fake identities to avoid paying for purchases, registrations, and transportation. Despite the fact that different types and locations have distinct categories for IDs, a fake ID in the UK is a fantastic deal due to the numerous ways it may be used.


For people who are unable to participate in a variety of activities because of age limits or other considerations, Fake ID UK offers Fake IDs in the United Kingdom , fake UK driving licenses. As a result, they are unable to receive a specific kind of identification card. We can swiftly produce fake IDs with seals and number tags that look like real IDs when there is a demand for them in the UK.

We are the number one producers of fake id in the UK, The fake id we produce include but not limited to fake uk driving license, fake passport, fake age card.
We create fake identification documents utilising state-of-the-art technology and modern security features, resulting in perfect reproductions with raised text, clear laser engraving, surface embossing, and dinosaur graphics. Using any fake identification document obtained from us, you are sure to be successful as our documents are produced with advanced technology and we pay attention to the security features. 

These fake IDs serve in many  scenario as they have a variety of uses. Our fake driver license pass police visual inspection. Fake passport pass custom verification. Fake age card pass UV light verification. Many people use  either of this fake IDs to verify accounts among other major uses.

fake driving license


The most popular of the different driving licenses we provide is the full driving license. You may use it to get through police checks and it appears exactly like the original.


This is also referred to as the learners permit and is often obtained prior to applying for the full driving license. Our phony provisional license is quite affordable.


The fake driver qualification card is extremely similar to the genuine card. Whatever the case may be, you won't have to take an exam to obtain the CPC card.

Top Quality Cards

Our cards are made of premium PVC and have a vinyl hologram sticker on them. This is indistinguishable from the original.

Free Delivery

When your card is prepared, we distribute it gratis wherever you are in the world. Only single orders are eligible for this.

Discrete Process

Your information is not disclosed to any outside parties by us. Unless otherwise directed, all of your information is treated in the strictest confidence.


  1. Give the details that will appear on your driver’s license. Before sending, double-check that everything is correct.
  2. The information can be sent via email or Whatsapp.
  3. Payment must now be made with a bank transfer or bitcoin. Payment confirmation allows us to start the process.
  4. When the driver’s license is completed, you can verify that all of your information is accurate.
  5. The driver’s license is delivered to your home address through mail. Buy driver license



£ 100
  • PVC Matetial and Vinyl Hologram
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  • Water Resistant Materia


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  • PVC Matetial and Vinyl Hologram
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fake driving license


When attempting to identify a fake  driving license UK, there are a few significant indicators to watch out for. The overall standard of the license comes first. It is probably not a real license if it appears to be poorly made or if the printing is subpar. If the photo on the license does not resemble a recent photo of the person claiming to be the license holder, that is another red flag. A hologram is also present on every UK driver’s license, so if it’s missing or looks altered, the license is likely a fake. Last but not least, be sure to look at the license’s expiration date. It is most likely not a valid license if it has already expired or will soon expire. Using fake driver license uk clients should always be very careful on how they use the document and avoid areas where there are a lot of checks


fake driving license

A secure document, a UK driver’s license contributes to the protection of both drivers and other road users. A UK driving license has the following security features:

1. Each licensed driver is given a special driver number, which is used to identify them when they are pulled over by the police or when renting a car. fake driving license uk

2. Each licensed driver is given a special driver number, which is used to identify them when they are pulled over by the police or when renting a car.

3. Date of birth: This ensure that the driver is of legal driving age

4. Signature: The license holder’s signature confirms that they are who they claim to be.

5. Issue and expiry dates: These dates show when the license was issued and when it will expire, helping to ensure that it is up to date.

6. A hologram: This verifies the validity of the license and demonstrates that it hasn’t been altered in any way. Buy italian license 


Can you get fake driving license?

You can get a fake driving license all required from you is your information and payment. Make sure your  passport size photo is visible. The fake license will be prepaid in 2 days.

how to get a fake driving license

To get a fake license, you need to contact the providers, send your information and your payment. Make sure you confirm the quality of the license and details before you start using the license.

how to check driving license fake or original?

You can check the validity of your license on the government official website using your postcode, driver number and social insurance number. If you buy fake driving license uk, you do not need to verify.

how to make a fake id?

Quality fake IDs are made with premium quality materials taking into consideration all security features. If a fake UK id is  made with poor quality materials, it will get you in trouble

how to get a fake id?

To get a fake id, Clients need to be contact reputable dealers and make sure the quality is of standard. Clients should make sure the process is discreet and be certain of the delivery so as to avoid scam

is it illegal to own a fake id uk?

There are penalties using fake Uk driving license or any ID. However  clients should avoid using fake ids where there is data verification. Clients should always go for quality  fake uk id. With this security measures, it will be difficult to be caught with a fake id

is it illegal to have a fake id?

It  is not illegal to own a fake license or any id. It simply depends on the reason why you have the id. Fake id owned with the purpose of fake is not illegal


fake driving license

A fake driving license can be used for a variety of purposes, from just deceiving others into thinking you are a licensed driver to making fraudulent purchases. Here are five scenarios in which a fake driving licence is most frequently used:

1. to make others believe you are a qualified driver If you don’t have your real driving license with you, using a fake driving licence will allow you to travel around. You can avoid suspicion and avoid having your reputation tarnished by pretending to be a licensed driver. Buy counterfeit money 

2. To purchase something fraudulently. If you want to make an illegal purchase, such as buying alcohol without having your ID verified, a fake driving license may be helpful. You’ll probably be able to get what you want without any problems if you pose as someone who is able to purchase alcohol legally.

3. As identification when traveling overseas. A fake driving license can be an excellent alternative if you need to confirm your identity when traveling overseas. It will not only have the same distinguishing characteristics as your actual license, but it will also look authentic. Therefore, a fake driver license will be approved by a foreign nation as real.

fake driving license


There are a few things you may do if you’ve been caught driving with a fake driver license to try and stay out of trouble. First, be sure to store your original driver’s license safely because the authorities may use it as evidence against you if they find it. Second, be truthful with the authorities. If you are aware that the license you are using is a fake, be prepared to say so. Last but not least, avoid using the fake driving license to commit any crimes. If you are discovered trying to drive or enter a vehicle with it, you will probably go to jail.



You could incur a multitude of fines and other consequences if you are found driving in the UK with a fraudulent license. These might be anything from a fine to a jail term. Depending on the circumstances of the offense and your prior driving history, the penalty’s severity will vary. The police will seize your real driver’s license if you are found using a fake driving license, and you will have to go to court. If you are found guilty, you could be fined up to £1,000 or given a prison sentence of up to 6 months. Additionally, after serving your sentence, your driver’s license will be suspended and you will need to reapply. It’s critical to get legal counsel as quickly as you can if you are discovered operating a vehicle with a fake driving license. It is crucial to have the strongest defense available because a conviction for this offense could have devastating repercussions. Buy fake id  

Fake driving license back


With a few significant exceptions, a regular credit card’s back resembles the back of a UK driver’s license. The first is that the license has a challenging-to-replicate hologram of the British flag on the reverse. The second is a laser-engraved photo of the driver on the back of the license, which is also challenging to copy. Last but not least, a barcode on the back of the license carries the name, birthdate, and address of the driver. Fake driving license uk


A fake driver’s license in UK is a document that mimics the appearance of a legitimate license but offers less identity or authority. People who are not legally permitted to drive or those who want to bypass the costs and requirements of getting a legitimate license may utilize fake driving licenses. Obtaining discounts on auto insurance or other perks may also be possible with false identification. We currently sell German driving licenses. Irish fake id

what happens if you get caught with a fake driving license uk

If caught with a fake id in UK, being it a fake uk driver license or any fake id you just need to stay calm and avoid being aggressive. Tell the officer that you did not know it was a fake id. Always show compassion. Most often you will go with just a warning. However, we always advise clients that when using any fake document, they should always go for high quality and avoid using the document where there is the possibility of database inspection. Clients who buy a fake id in one country to use in another country will never have any problem, this is because it is often impossible to verify. In such a scenario visual inspection will be all that is required.